How to obtain your own user ID

With your own user ID, you can edit/delete your events, create templates, and export/import events.

You may obtain your own user ID by contacting the calendar administrator at ""
(replace "-at-" with "@"). Please send an email containing:
1) the name of your organization/club,
2) the email address of the person(s) who will be entering information,
3) your organization/club web site address if you have one, and
4) let us know if you think you have a need for your own category. With your own category, visitors can use "Filter events by category" to view only your events on the calendar.

Or, you may login using "guest" as your user id and password. And, the calendar administrator will assign you a user id if they feel it is needed.

All event submissions will be reviewed by the calendar administrator to ensure they follow our Guidelines and Terms of Use before they are posted. Consequently, it is important to submit items at least two days in advance of the event. During the review process, submissions will be checked to see if they are appropriate for posting and edited for clarity and conciseness.